Better writing from better audio tips – thanks

Writing is communication. This is clear. Better writing can come from many paths, many of which are shared and discussed right here at The Writing Cooperative and more broadly across Medium.

Where might not be so obvious is a site that is dedicated to communication through audio – Transom, A Showcase and Workshop for New Public Radio.

Transom looks at audio storytelling from every conceivable angle. From structure, voice, structure, delivery plus so much more. It is no different to what we set out to do right here in text and yet it is so unfamiliar you could miss the incredible learning opportunities without trying.

As you can see, there are topics that have relevance to the written storytelling.

One aspect I have found most useful is the discipline of chunking and re-assembling the story to create the emotion. No extra content but construct for connection.

As the focus of Transom is on the conversation, there is an implicit reminder to reinvent our listening skills. Too easy to dive in without opening up for input.

Also, Transom run workshops of various lengths and in different locations. Well worth a look.

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